I recently asked my co-worker Dwight Warriner to share why he enjoyed working at the RK Chevy auto body shop so much. He responded by sending me a letter that I immediately wanted to share with all of you. I’m doing so now, after first getting his permission. Dwight has certainly inspired me to continue doing my best every day – and I think that you might become inspired, too, after reading what Dwight has to say about his work at the RK Chevrolet auto body repair shop.

If you get a chance, post Dwight your congratulations below on winning the Mid Atlantic Collision Expo Body Technician Award of the Year! In my opinion, it’s very well deserved.

Why do you love working at the RK Chevy auto body shop?

The RK Chevy auto body repair shop has so much more to offer than other shops in the area. It is a great facility that provides consistent work, which is really important for technicians in this field. Everyone I work with, from top to bottom, is great to work with; we take great pride in what we do and work towards a common goal. We, as a team, provide excellent customer service, while restoring vehicles to pre-accident condition. We also we repair vehicles to the highest level of quality possible. It is great to have an auto body shop career where you are well liked and respected for your level of knowledge and appreciated for the way that we repair vehicles. In addition, many insurance companies believe that the RK Chevrolet auto body repair shop is the most organized auto body shop in the Tidewater area.

My career with RK Chevy has spanned longer than twenty years. My children would likely not recognize me if I came home in any other uniform (the oldest, twenty-two and the youngest, nineteen). They believe that RK Chevy is as much a part of our family as we are of theirs.

Has anything special happened in your auto body repair shop career that made you appreciate working at RK Chevrolet?

Many special things have happened in my career with RK Chevy, so it is hard to know where to begin. Just two years after I began employment with the RK Chevrolet auto body shop, in 1986, I was working with older and more experienced auto body repair shop technicians (who I greatly respected – to me they were where I wanted to be). And I was rewarded with the Body Shop technician of the year award. I have since had that honor several times.

RK Chevrolet has afforded me many opportunities in regard to auto body shop training. I have been ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified for eighteen years in three categories. I have over 200 hours of I-Car (Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair) auto body repair shop training and have earned their highest level of achievement, Platinum Certification.

During the 1990s, RK Chevrolet had a certification program in which I earned Master Technician status for seven years. The program was reorganized in 2004 as General Motors Mark of Excellence, in which I have earned platinum level (the highest achievement) for the last two years. In 1997, I was one of three auto body repair shop technicians in the Tidewater area to be certified by General Motors to work on the new model Corvette. In 2005, I was given another challenge in regard to training for the 2006 Corvette. With help from RK Chevy and a push, I became the first auto body repair shop technician in the Tidewater area to complete all the necessary training.

My greatest reward (or shock) came on June 10, 2006 when Pat Howard (my manager) and several other people in our industry nominated me for the Mid Atlantic Collision Expo Body Technician of the year. Much to my surprise, I won. Special thanks to Pat and all those folks who consider me to be worthy of this honor.

A large part of my RK Chevrolet auto body shop career for the last twelve years has involved training entry level employees who desire to learn this trade. It has been very rewarding to see the dedicated individuals that have succeeded and have gone on to become successful auto body shop technicians independently.

I consider myself to be very lucky. I was taught at an early age in life that God, family and ambitions were the order of things and any job worth doing is worth doing well. Everything else will fall into place to make you successful.

A special thanks to everyone who has made my RK Chevy career successful.